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Innovative Company having innovative products derived from our own Patents fulfil the market trend requirement of the automobile industry.

The market trend requirement of automobile industry is focus on reducing the cause of environmental global warming so as helping to achieve the Paris Agreement (United Nations) on climate change for carbon neutrality, which will shift the development trend from internal combustion engine vehicles to hybrid and electric vehicles.  

As for Internal Combustion Engine :

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Our company’s in-house developed ignition components of “BEST I” Ultra Power Ignition Leads (including Plug Coil COP, COP CAP Insert, COP Insulator, Advanced Injection, CNP Ignition Set, and Ignition Cable) are derived from our own Patents, having proven successful performance track records, as a direct replacement of conventional ignition components for internal combustion engine including non-turbo / hybrid / turbo engine design, which equipped with all design types of ignition systems (including Carburetor, Fuel Injection, Advanced Injection, Coil- on-Plug COP Direct Injection, and Coil-near-Plug CNP Direct Injection), and to provide a persistently faster & stronger ignition spark energy to improve the fuel combustion efficiency, and without suffering from any high frequency noise interference (e.g. RFI & EMI), and also to eliminate the existing design drawback of prolong performance aged conventional ignition components including the corrosive and thermo-oxidative degradation problem of its wire spiraled metallic conductor positioned in between the terminals of Coil and Spark Plug, that causing a deterioration of its original designated fuel combustion efficiency, misfire and creation of excessive exhaust emissions forming the cause of environmental global warming.“BEST I” forms a most economical and efficient mechanism to enhance engine performance, reduce the cause of environmental global warming, and help to achieve the Paris Agreement (United Nations) on climate change for carbon neutrality. The other competitive advantages of “BEST I” include a lower or comparable product cost, improve engine performance, enhance driving comfort & safety, minimize engine vibration, fuel economy and improve uphill power, minimize exhaust missions, smooth / quiet idling, instant engine response and quicker acceleration. “BEST I” is the registered trademark of the above mentioned commercial patented ignition components.

As for Hybrid/ Electric Vehicles:

Best I Tech Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Best I Tech Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Best I Tech Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Innovative products of high-voltage Cable and or Apparatus in development being derived from our own Patents have the competitive advantages (including lower product cost, light weight and bending flexibility, EMC electromagnetic compatibility, minimize both the bandwidth loss and high frequency noise interference, and zero halogen flame retardant or fire resistance) to provide a reliable functional support for the electric drive system: e.g. the battery charging, high voltage power source (RFI), frequency converter (EMI), an electric motor (EMI), as well as other on- board equipped electrical and electronic devices.